June 2017 


"Dear Dennis,

On behalf of our team, I wish to thank you for supporting our Saltwater Fishing Clinic by providing youth the opportunity to kayak! We truly couldn't have asked for a better way to end our week.

As you saw during our last day of the Clinic, youth and parents alike had a..."

Natalia Hernandez, Centennial Volunteer Ambassador Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve

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Cedar and Ortega Rivers Full-Day Tour

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Rate $129.00 / person

Close to Downtown and Westside, Jacksonville, Fl

The most urban of our guided river tours, the Cedar River joins the Ortega River close to downtown Jacksonville. This tour is characterized by modest and exuberant waterfront homes and boat docks, views of the Ortega boat yard, plenty of sunshine, and close encounters with the American Bald Eagle.

This full-day guided river tour departs from the Curtis Lee Johnson Marina Park on San Juan Ave, a few minutes north of Naval Air Station Jacksonville. On a brief paddle down the Cedar River, you are sure to encounter one of several American Bald Eagles that have made their home here. After an open water crossing, you will enter the Ortega River as you head to the kayak launch at Ringhaver Park, 5 miles from where the tour began. The park is great place to stop for lunch and stretch your legs on the extensive trail system here. The tour concludes after the 5 mile paddle back to the launch site.

For a shorter, less strenuous tour, book a 2-3 hour half-day trip on the Cedar and Ortega Rivers. You'll still get to see the wildlife in this area, without the aching muscles.

Note: This is an easy paddle for beginners, but due to motorboat traffic this tour is not suitable for small children paddling their own kayak.

Duration: 6-7 hours